We pride ourselves on having a strong brotherhood with a diverse range of brothers who have a positive mindset but have the same core values engrained to their personality. When becoming a brother, you are instilled LDRSHIP: loyalty, duty, respect, service and stewardship, honor, integrity, and personal courage. These valuable attributes are taught to new members but are expected traits for one to have before entering the house.

Not only do the brothers learn key values from each other, but more importantly, they have a great time together! We offer competitive sports teams you can join including: football, softball, basketball, volleyball, hockey and soccer. Going off of sports, we tailgate and barbeque for home football games. We take advantage of San Luis Obispo’s convenient location by catching waves, dune jumping and catching the scenery of the beautiful Central Coast .

Some of our larger brotherhood events include trips that are done as much during the school year and breaks as possible. For example, a brother competes on The Price Is Right once a year and brothers make the trip down to support him in his quest to be the winner!

Our brotherhood does plenty more, but ultimately it teaches brothers to be better men in society while creating lifelong friendships along the way.